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Isomart International BV is an investment, enterprise development and business management firm. The company invests and supports efforts made by people in business  – in the poor parts of the world. Today, some of these parts are known as transitional economies.

The company was established by a group of experienced managers in business and industry. These captains of business and industry were concerned about the failure of business and industry to tackle the problems of social economic development – that is, fight poverty in the world. These people decided to devote their time and resources to do something about it.

Isomart International BV is based in the Netherlands. The company works with businesses in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe. It works with businesses, which have strong social and environmental ethics in them.

Isomart International BV also helps enterprise development oriented individuals, development agencies, NGO’s, ethical investors, alternative trade organizations, development finance and banking organizations in and outside Europe to position themselves, link up, place social responsible economic investments, establish working relationships with partners, projects and businesses in the poor parts of the world.

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